How a Salt Chlorinator works- basic

Davey ChloroMatic Saltwater Chlorinator

Davey ChloroMatic Saltwater Chlorinator

A saltwater chlorinator works by using an electrical charge to 'split' the Sodium Chloride (Salt) into Sodium and Chlorine.

The Chlorine comes out as a gas with a pH of approx 12, this is why you will always require acid to bring your pH back down to 7.2 -7.4.

This freshly chlorinated water is circulated into the pool so its sanitizing properties can kill bacteria and viruses and prevent algae growth on the bottom and sides of the swimming pool.

Eventually, this natural form of chlorine is used up and reverts back to salt's original two elements of sodium and chlorine. The saltwater chlorine generator chlorinator is a closed loop system.

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