Extend your swimming season with Pool heating from Rode Pool Services

When you think about heating a pool most people would think "expensive", both to install as well as to run, and they'd be right... until now.

Think about running your car, you get more efficiency out of highway driving than you do out of city driving because its not "stop-start". That's the idea behind Inverter Heat Pumps, continually running efficiently and silently in the background keeping a constant temperature. Most heat pumps at the moment run like this: Heat to preset temperature, turn off... sensor picks up temperature drop, they turn back on and work hard to get back to the same temp.. then turn off.

Below are 2 inverter heating options, one from AES and the other from Zodiac, both are very high quality and come with installation and warranties. 

Inverter Plus Heat Pumps from AES


Inverter Heat Pumps for swimming pools are simply amazing. From the moment they are first turned on swimming pool owners are blown away at how quiet the Extreme Inverter Plus heat pumps is. Inverter technology is new to the swimming pool industry in Australia; it has however been used in the air conditioning industry and overseas in the swimming pool industry for many years.

On an average pool, an Extreme Inverter Plus can save you as much as 50-70% in running costs when compared to a standard heat pump.

Image used with permission from AES

The biggest advantage of an inverter heat pump for your pool is that it is quiet and it will save you money when compared to a normal heat pump which means you no longer have to worry about how much it will cost to heat the pool.

Inverter Heat Pump

Heating a pool electrically doesn’t have to be expensive; using a swimming pool heat pump with an inverter means the heat pump can ramp up and down in capacity as the pool requires more or less temperature.

Standard heat pumps run a single speed which means they run and draw power at constant maximum capacity. Not reducing load when they are close to the desired target temp or maintaining pool temperatures means your standard heat pump could be wasting energy.

AES Extreme Heat Pumps have a smart controller and a variable compressor which means when the pool is nearly to the desired temperature the heat pump starts to ramp down and not draw as much electricity which of course saves you money.


About the AES Inverter Heat Pump

  • High quality Mitsubishi Inverter
  • 10 times quieter operation
  • Aluminium-Alloy Casing with lifetime anti-rusting
  • Soft Start Feature reducing the immediate draw on the household electricity
  • Silent Mode for ultra quite and low power consumption operation when water is up to temp.

AES Inverter Heat Pump Warranty

The Extreme Inverter Plus range of swimming pool heat pumps come with a strong warranties with

  • 10 Years on the Titanium Heat Exchanger
  • 6 Years for the Mitsubishi Variable Compressor
  • 2 Years on Electronics
  • 1 Year for Labour

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Zodiac Pool Heat Pumps


The Zodiac Z300 pool heater range is suitable for most domestic pools and feature models that have the ability to cool as well as heat your pool. It is Zodiac's latest range of pool heaters and it includes lots of user friendly features. The Zodiac Z300 is the best heating product for pools up to 70,000litres, in all climates across Australia, and has the potential to provide "all year round swimming" when used with a thermal blanket.

Designed to Suit Most Pools
Packed with features these new Zodiac heat pumps will suit a range of sizes up to a large 11x5 metre (55m2) pool and give you the luxury of all year swimming (depending on climate).

Soft Start to Cut Down Power Consumption
Featuring a new ‘soft start’ to reduce excessive current draw when the unit powers up. This cuts down on power consumption and provides a longer product working life.

Ozone Friendly
All use the ozone friendly refrigerant R410a and are all designed to be the most energy efficient in their class.

All Seasons Reverse Cycle
Some models are for all seasons applications. Capable of heating or cooling making them ideal for cold climates that require a heat cycle or hot climates that require a chilling cycle.

Titanium Condenser with Lifetime Warranty
All models have a lifetime warranty on the solid titanium condenser. This is regardless of water chemistry or the sanitation method used, now that is peace of mind. All other parts have a 2 year warranty (all commercial applications are 12mth warranty only).

Intelli Heat
All are ‘Intelli-Heat’ ready*, meaning you set the desired water temperature and it will maintain that temperature at any time of the day running completely independent of the filter cycle time.

Super Quiet Operation
The uniquely designed fan with ultra smooth roller bearings ensures super quiet operation, this can be very important with strict council regulations around noise control.

Key Benefits

  • Perfect to extend your swimming season a few extra months 
  • Very affordable running costs (even when compared to solar) 
  • Doesnt rely on the sun or position and size of collectors 
  • Is unaffected by wildlife and environmental damage

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Click Here to Download the Zodiac Heat Pump Brochure.