Lo-Chlor Pool Algaecide 


We recommend using Lo-Chlor's Pool Algaecide (copper based) every three months. Because the algaecide is copper based the algaecide will eliminate algae for a longer time. 

Lo-Chlor's Pool Algaecide is very economical, one 500ml dose will protect your average sized 50,000lt backyard swimming pool for three months. 

Why Lo-Chlor is better - this algaecide utilises a low dose organo-copper complex coupled with a clarifier. 

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How does this help you?  The copper complex used ensures copper levels remain at a manageable level, the algaecide is non-staining and the clarifier will ensure you have beautiful sparkling water.  

  • Used year round - every three months - algae growth will be prevented.

  • You will use less chemicals year round.

  • You now have an insurance policy against cloudy water

  • It is a great idea to add this product prior to escaping on your holiday.

  • It is the best way to kick off your swimming season.

  • It’s suitable for use with all types of pool surfaces.

  • Compliments all types of pool filtration.

  • It’s easy to use - pour the required dose into your pool whilst the filtration system is on.

  • Pool Algaecide is the first product Lo-Chlor ever produced. It is their flag ship product. This is an industry recognised and respected premium quality algaecide.

We do not recommend using copper based algaecides with pools using Ionisers or Nature 2. 

The above mentioned facts and dosage rate are based on your pool being free of algae, water chemically balanced and equipment in working order.