Is your Pool Summer Ready?

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Most of you would have done these Summer checks and start up a few times before, though it's always good to refresh your skills. If you've already been through our 'Spring Check-Up Pool Tips' you're ahead of the game.

1. Always start with your water balance

You can test some of your levels at home, though this time of year it's best to get us to test for all balances, including your Stabliser, Calcium and Phosphates. When the water is warmer and being used more, these extra tests can help identify any problem areas before they become an issue.

2. Increase your running time

The average pool size is approximately 50,000lts and it takes a single speed pool pump around 6 hours to turn all that water over once however different pool and pump sizes will affect these figures.

To survive without issue, we suggest running the pump at least 8 hrs per day in Summer to ensure the water is filtered and chlorinated sufficiently. If you currently have an energy efficient pool pump, the running times will need to be set longer.

If you're worried about power consumption and costs running this long, check out our Eco pumps that can save you up to 80% on your power bills.

3. Check your cleaning equipment 

As you'll be starting to use and be around the pool area more, it's very important that your pool equipment is in good working order. Leaf rakes, pool brooms, telepoles and skimmer baskets are quick and easy to check and easy to replace if necessary. 

4. Check the safety of your pool

Check that your CRP sign is clearly visible from the pool area and the writing is easy to read. The sun can fade the signs making it hard to read in an emergency. CPR signs are easy to neglect but should you ever need it, you'll be grateful you checked it.

Check your gates are self closing and latching, especially if you have little legs running around the yard. Also move any climbing objects away from the fence line so as it cannot be used to climb over the fence.

5. Make sure you use the pool

After making sure it is safe to use, give some time to enjoy all your hard work!