Keeping Your Pool Clean During a Party

Keeping your pool clean before, during and after parties dosen't have to be hard. Here's a few tips to get you through.


Before the party

  1. Ensure your water is balanced,

  2. Remove all the debris from the pool with a manual vacuum and leaf rake,

  3. Shock your pool with liquid chlorine or a pool shock sachet (average size pool is 5 lts of liquid or 500 gms of granular chlorine)

During the party

  1. If your pool is being used have the pump running without any automatic cleaner attached.

  2. If the pool is being used heavily, an non-chlorine shock (oxyshock) can be added whist in use to help maintain clarity.

After the party

  1. Remove all debris from the pool, streamers, paper, bottle caps etc. If a Bottle cap is left on the bottom of the pool too long, it could stain the surface.

  2. Clean out all the baskets, both skimmer and pump baskets will have party debris in them.

  3. Check the pressure in the filter and if it is not too high allow to filter for another 24 hrs to filter out finer particles. If pressure is getting high, give the filter a quick backwash (1 minute with 1 minute rinse) or clean with the hose for cartridge & D.E filters.

  4. Bring a sample down to your local Rode Pool Services store and have the water tested and balanced as soon as possible.