Lo-chlor Solar Shield

For pools that don’t have a cover on, you can protect your pool from evaporation and heat loss with Lochlor Solar Shield. It will save you money on water and chemical loss through evaporation with an easy once a month dose.

An average heated 8 x 4m pool will lose almost 45,000 litres of water each year and up to 80,000 litres of water each year if it’s heated all year round! If you’d like to know more about a evaporation and pool covers click here - http://www.rodepools.com.au/articles/the-benefits-of-pool-covers-and-rollers

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Due to the recent run of dry weather, we will be adding Solar Shield to ALL of our regular service customers pools that do not have a cover each month to help reduce water loss at a cost of $12.50

If you are a regular service customer and DO NOT want us to add Solar Shield to your pool please confirm your name and details in the form to let us know.

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Lo-Chlor Solar Shield is designed to prevent pool water heat loss and evaporation

  • Adds an ultra-thin, invisible barrier which helps protect your pool from evaporation and heat loss.

  • A safe alternative to traditional covers allowing you to enjoy and view your pool uncovered

  • Only needs one dose per month, providing protection for up to 50,000 litre pool

  • Its efficiency will not be affected by automatic pool cleaners.

  • It can be used in all types of pool finishes.

  • It is compatible with all recognised sanitisers and other pool additives.

Dosage rates

  • 250 mls per 50,000 litres pool water

  • Use once every 30 days