Pool Filters and upgrading to Glass Media

visibly clearer pool water with the use of glass media

visibly clearer pool water with the use of glass media

Pool Filters have evolved significantly since we entered the industry back in 1983. We have witnessed the move away from cartridge filters and more significantly almost the extinction of DE or Diatomaceous Earth filters. This move was instigated by a few reasons, too many wearing parts, the cost of parts and repair, the desire to obtain clearer water and most importantly the owners desire to regain their time. Time better spent enjoying their backyard rather working on it.

In 1983 pools were filtered by either sand filters, cartridge filters or DE filters. Cartridge filters require at least monthly cleaning. DE filters required monthly backwashing, recharging of the DE powder inside the filter. Then the DE filter required quarterly stripping and cleaning of the filter.

Today we estimate 90% of our client's pools are filtered by media filters, or as many of you know them as, sand filters. The Davey Tagelus 230 Sand Filter was our flagship. A fully fiberglass tank with an Austrian engineered filter valve. These filters are still very much prevalent in our service area today. They stand as a testament to quality engineering and a smart decision by the owner at the time.

Now, the sand filter has seen another make over. A make over that has improved the quality and clarity of the water you swim in. The media for these filters has evolved. Initially, sand media was the only choice. Sand filters ran a close third in filtering ability behind cartridge and DE filters. Over the years sand was replaced by volcanic rock (Zelbrite or Zeolite) and now glass is the premier media. Glass offers swimmers a finer water filter which relates directly to clearer water. Today, DE filters have just about gone from the market place. The fine filtering that the DE filter offered can now be replicated in a glass filled media filter.

So the answers to our clients two main questions should be crystal clear. "Why should I change to a media filter?" and if they already have a sand filter "Why should I upgrade to the glass media?"

"Why should I change to a media filter?"

Less Effort...

Media filters require much less maintenance than the other filter types. These filters only require backwashing. This procedure takes at the very most just five minutes and is only done when the water flow is compromised. This may be a procedure which is only done every two to three months.

Improved Warranty and material durability...

Most filter tanks come with a manufacturers warranty of 10 years. The media is generally good for the life of the filter, though this depends greatly on water quality and debris that enters the pool over the years.

More economical...

The initial outlay is more expensive than a cartridge filter however the ongoing costs are minimal. Doing your research and buying a reputable brand from an authorised pool store is your best course of action. By buying from a pool shop, you will get the the right filter for your pool size, pump size and the option of media.

Our Suggestions...

We have been installing Davey sand / media filters since our inception. We are also teamed up with Hayward these days. Davey and Hayward are reputable, long serving companies in our industry.

Davey 28" Crystal Clear Filter

Davey Crystal Clear 28” Filter

Davey Crystal Clear 28” Filter

The 28" Media filter is ideal for inground and above ground swimming pools up to 95,000 litres and are suitable for salt, mineral, chlorine and freshwater pools.

Davey suggest to choose their Premium CrystalClear™ Fibreglass Media Filter which has

  • Specially designed “T-Lateral” System to maximise water flow for efficient filtration and backwashing

  • Virtually maintenance free and easy to use

  • Constructed from strong corrosion and UV resistant bobbin wound reinforced fibreglass, providing long and reliable working life

  • Large diameter tank for maximum filtration area

  • Up to 370 kpa operating pressure

  • Built-in waste port sight glass for high visibility of water during backwashing

The Hayward 24" Pro Series Filter

Hayward 23” Pro Series Filter

Hayward 23” Pro Series Filter

This is perfect for smaller pools either inground or above ground with limited room for installation, it has:

  • A high flow rate,

  • Corrosion-proof construction

  • A unitised (one piece) tank construction for additional strength

  • Superior internal flow characteristics

  • Easy operation and maintenance.

If you already have a Sand filter you might ask...

"Why should I upgrade to the glass media?"



Glass media will provide the finest filtering media available. Providing you with clearer, healthier pool water.


We use recycled glass media. Glass is non-porous and ionicly charged which aids in the killing of bacteria and organic material (read more on how bacteria is neutralised this way here) and cannot flourish or grow within glass media.

Increases your options for healthier water...

Having glass media in your filter allows you the luxury to choose a mineral pool over a salt pool. Mineral laden water is far more healthier for you and the environment. Read more about the benefits of a mineral pool here

Final thoughts...

If you want to regain lost time and install a product with minimal on going costs, install a media filter. If the media filter decision has been made, then why not treat yourself to the clearest pool water available and choose glass.

Glass is the clear winner for media in filters. Sure, the price for the best is more but as Henry Royce of Rolls Royce once famously said "The quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten."