Solar Heating

Extend your swimming season with solar heating, by using the free energy of the sun!

Solar systems may vary, but the basic principal remains the same. Pool water is circulated through a series of tubes (the collector) usually mounted on the roof, where heat is absorbed and the heated water is then returned to the pool. The collector can be made of either EPDM Rubber, PVC / TPR material or UV stabilised polypropylene and is usually supplied in multi-tube strips or panels.

The amount of heat absorbed and the resultant increase in pool temperature depends on the size or area of the collector and number of tubes per square metre. The location or positioning of the collector and the control system used also affects this

You can choose to use either the existing pump or provide a dedicated pump. With an existing pump remember about the minimum flow rate for filtration that needs to be maintained and the filter’s operating pressure should not be pushed above the manufacturer’s recommended maximum.

The pump should have sufficient capacity to handle the extra pressure required to get the water up onto the roof and the extra friction introduced when pushing through the collector (the thin tubes on the roof).

An average solar system needs a flow rate of at least 100 to 200 litres per minute to operate effectively. So in most cases, a dedicated solar pump is required. A professional installer will know your exact requirements based on your pool size, existing equipment and preferred operating temperature.


Our preferred solar heating company Sunbather have been around since 1974 and are proudly Australian owned and operated. They’re also the most awarded solar pool heating company in Australia. Sunbather have released their latest innovation the Rigid Suntube-2 Solar Panel that comes as a single moulded panel, available in several sizes and backed by a 15 year warranty plan.

New benchmark in solar panels

Suntube-2 is easily the toughest solar system made anywhere in the world with every component in the system being redesigned for greater strength and durability. New technologies have also been developed for every connection to eliminate any potential points of weakness.

No penetration on tiled roofs


You don’t need to drill into your roof! The patented roof clamps remove the need to penetrate a tiled roof, which eliminates the risk of a leak when drilling into tiles. It is also designed to be held firmly in place while it expands as it heats and contracts as it cools.


Automatic set & forget

For your solar to work at maximum efficiency you need a great control system, The Sunbather Sunswitch is a multi-award winner, has a simple design with high performance. It is available with either sensor cables or wireless options.

They’re super tough

The super tough tube connections are totally encased and shielded and at least three times more secure than a normal insert. Because the tubes have to be tough (and none are thicker, stronger or tougher than those designed for Suntube-2) each panel is pressure tested to a level that would make any other panel fail

Don’t burn your money

Solar is the only form of responsible pool heating, with 100% of the heat energy coming from the sun. Gas & electricity costs will continue to increase… The suns energy will be free forever.

Proudly Australian Made

The Suntube-2 is the only rigid solar panel system made in Australia, designed for Australian climatic conditions that place huge demands on solar collector materials and pipework.

Locally manufactured, the Suntube-2 panel is made rugged and durable enough for Australia’s harsh climate.

All heating, wether solar or heat pump, work best and most efficiently when used with a pool cover. Sunbathers Thermal Pool Covers have 2 x the insulating properties of the common ‘bubble’ covers and will save you plenty on your heating costs. They’re also now certified by Smart Approved Watermark and meet the stringent requirements of SPASA Australia’s Climate Care Certified program, making them even more environmentally friendly.