Latest Swimming Pool Technology & Innovation

Your swimming pool is there to be enjoyed, new technology can now almost fully automate the tedious tasks of cleaning, testing & adding chemicals.

Swimming pool technology has come a long way since the self-cleaning salt water chlorinator cell was considered “cutting edge” technology. Don’t get us wrong, they’re still a very good piece of equipment however, there are much more advanced ways to make sure you and your family spend more time enjoying the pool rather than cleaning and maintaining it.

Gone are the days of manually vacuuming, testing and balancing every week. With the advancement in sanitisation & automated chemical dosing systems, the use of Magnesium Minerals instead of salt, smart robotic cleaners and wifi connected applications, you can now set & forget, then dive in whenever you like without a second thought.

Here are a few of our (and our customers) favourite smart pool technology products.

Naked Swim System

The Naked Pools NKD1 Freshwater Swimming Pool System is ideal for those with skin allergies or asthma. This clever product combines the bacteria fighting copper, plus the water purification of silver together with only the minimal sanitation requirement of chlorine. This is the same system NASA use to purify drinking water.

The innovation that a Naked Hybrid System provides eliminates user error. The units working parameters are directly related to the volume of your pool, so upon installation they guarantee that your unit will never over infuse copper into your pool, keeping it healthy and safe for you and your family.

Maytronics M600 Robotic Cleaner

The latest release from Maytronics takes the best features of their previous S Series & M Series swimming pool cleaners.

The Dolphin M600 comes with a cloud-connected controller that allows you to control it via an app on your phone or tablet, get notifications and access cleaning reports. With a "pick-me-up" function that makes the unit stay up on the waterline for easy retrieval and options like large leaf canisters that provide multiple layers of filtration for large debris and an optional ‘Ultra Fine Canister’ for further filtration it will suit almost any pool.

The M600 can turn 360 degrees on the spot, giving it the ability to easily navigate out of corners and find its way around difficult pool shapes. It comes with a three year warranty so the Maytronics M600 Robotic Cleaner is in very high demand.

Hayward OmniLogic

Automate almost all aspects of your pool via the internet. Once your desired pool equipment such as lights, heaters, chlorinators and now even robotic cleaners are connected, you can control them all from your phone or tablet.

With their intuitive app that can be downloaded on most touch screen devices such as iPads and iPhones, you can remotely set the OmniLogic system to make sure your pool is cleaned by your Robotic Cleaner, heated to your desired temperature and the lights turned on, ready for you when you get home!

Watch the video how one customer uses the OmniLogic on his pool and spa.

Mineral Swim System

By combining 100% Natural Dead Sea Minerals with their revolutionary Ozone to Oxygen water purification system, the Mineral Swim Ozone system avoids common chlorine pool symptoms such as red eyes and itchy skin.

It destroys bacteria, skin cells, viruses and chloramines and other harmful organic materials and then the ozone converts back to oxygen leaving no chemicals. Safely sanitising your pool.

Natural mineral combined with science and technology make the Mineral Swim Ozone system a favourite new sanitisation systems among our clients.

AES Heat Pumps

Extend your swimming season & enjoy your pool outside of the summer months with a cost-effective heating solution you get the most out of your pool all year round.

AES heat pumps feature a smart controller and a variable compressor, keeping your pool at the desired temperature and preventing the system from using more energy than required, saving on your household bills with the full-inverter heat pumps being 25% more efficient than standard inverters.

We can help you set up your pool with the latest technology to keep your pool sparkling clean all year round with minimal effort. Contact us online, by phone or in store to find out which new technology can be added to your pool!

Have we missed anything? Let us know here or on Facebook with your thoughts on what have been the biggest innovations for you pool!