The Magnesium Pool offered by the Mineral Swim™ System combines 100% Dead Sea Minerals with Natural Pool Water Purification to create therapeutic, healthy and crystal-clear water like no other. There are many benefits to transforming your pool to a Mineral Swim system including;

  • Reduced chlorine levels create a healthier swimming experience for your family

  • Mineral-rich water that will relax, detoxify & moisturise

  • Ideal for sensitive skin, allergies, psoriasis, eczema & asthmatics

  • No red eyes or irritated skin

  • Protects your existing pool equipment

  • No need to shower after use or wash your swimwear

Should you decide to transition your pool to a Mineral Swim system, you will also receive a Customer Care Service Package, comprising of two complimentary pool checks one pre-Summer and one pre-Winter as well as a premium skincare package by AHAVA, beautifully presented in male & female gift packs.




The  Mineral Swim System

A truly unique swimming experience.

Recreate the relaxing natural, healthy pool experience that people have enjoyed for thousands of years at the Dead Sea. The Mineral Swim System is the combination of these special elements:


Pure 100% Dead Sea minerals deliver a range of health and wellbeing benefits. The magnesium (Mg) rich Dead Sea minerals have been known to:

  • Enhance pool water quality – softer and more gentle than traditional salt and chlorine pools - ideal for sensitive skin.

  • Reduce chemical and water usage - offering a more environmentally friendly solution.

  • Provide exceptional water clarity - magnesium is a natural flocculant.

  • Help to ease muscle tension.

  • Stimulate skin hydration and soften the skin.

  • Recreate a natural mineral pool that people have enjoyed for centuries at the Dead Sea.

  • Detoxify and regenerate the skin, boosting its natural defence system.


Harnessing the power of nature’s own purification. Ozone’s natural power is up to 3000 times more powerful than traditional sanitation systems, softer on skin and a healthier option for your family.

For a conscious and caring world Ozone is designed to bring you the best in naturally sanitised pool water.

  • Healthier pool water.

  • Dual purification and safe sanitisation.

  • Crystal clear and odour-free.

  • Gentle on eyes and soft on skin.

  • Enhances water balance.

  • Compatible with any existing pool system.


Nourish and revitalise. Complement your Mineral Swim before and after you swim with 100% natural AHAVA skin care products.

The AHAVA range of skin care products complements your Mineral Swim system, inspired by the finest natural ingredients from the Dead Sea.

Discover our superior quality products and how active Dead Sea minerals can recharge, rehydrate and illuminate your skin.

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