With support of Focus Products, we are offering a FREE energy audit of your pool equipment.

Did you know that your pool pump is one of the largest electricity consumers in your household? With our advice and expertise you can save up to 80% of your current electricity consumption. Come in store, give us a call or drop us an email and we will do the rest!



The Noria ECO variable speed pump offers the perfect balance of power, performance and efficiency, they are intelligently designed to give optimum energy efficiency and power.


The three variable speed modes (ESP, Normal and Boost) helps to reduce pool operating costs while providing precise performance on demand. Quality materials and workmanship, rigid construction and super tough resins makes the Noria ECO pump outstandingly durable. The Noria ECO difference continues with the use of a large hair and lint pot, reducing the need for frequent cleaning and an innovative wide channel corrosion-proof impeller for efficient water flow.

The Noria ECO pump is part of a range of intensively researched, high quality, connected products that work in harmony to ensure the pool is easy to maintain and ready for use at any time.


The Noria ECO pump utilises a state of the art axial-flux, brushless DC motor which offers higher efficiency levels compared to conventional motors. The variable speed motor allows the most efficient speed to be set for each individual pool. As the speed of the motor is reduced the energy savings can be as much as 80% of existing running costs.

*Example only - please see us instore for a personalised power saving estimate

*Example only - please see us instore for a personalised power saving estimate

*Savings based on electricity cost of 25.378c inc GST/Kw (Energex 2012/13) running 8 hours per day. Savings are estimates only and will vary depending on your local electricity rates, pump usage, hydraulics and environmental/installation factors.