Winterise your Pool

Winterising your pool can save you lots of money on your power bills, wear and tear on your equipment and minimises your chemical costs. That’s why we have been winterising our customer’s pools for over 30 years. Below is a brief breakdown of the reasons why we Winterise our customers pools (and why you should too), the products we suggest and why, and also how to do it!

Why we Winterise

As mentioned above, we Winterise pools to save you money on the operational costs of running your pool. The first major saving comes from reducing the running time of the filtration equipment. This can save you a substantial amount on the electricity costs of your pool pump compared with the summer months. Reducing the hours of operation also increases the lifespan of your pump, filter, chlorinator and cleaner.

Another reason we winterise is to reduce the amount of chemicals your pool requires and the amount of time you need to spend keeping you pool balanced. By adding the Winterise chemicals into the water, this prevents algae & bacteria growth without the need for higher levels of Chlorine and extended filtration.

What we use

We use two chemicals that work together, a Winterise Algaecide developed to specifically kill and control algal blooms during the winter months. The Winteriser Algaecide enhances chlorine production and chlorine efficiency, minimises maintenance during winter and lasts for up to 90 days. The special non-staining formula out performs all other winter algaecides and is guaranteed not to stain.

The second product is Aquaguard, also from LoChlor Products. Aquagard is a Salt Cell Protector, Scale Inhibitor & Metal remover. We use Aquaguard to prevent staining and scale forming on the surface of the pool. This also minimises and softens the existing calcium build up on the salt cell or surface to further reduce the amount of work for you to maintain your pool while not in use.


How to Winterise

As with any pool treatment, the first step is to ensure the water is chemically balanced. By bring in a sample into any of our 3 locations or have our staff attend to your property to test and balance the pool water, giving you the perfect place to start from. We also recommend cleaning the salt cell, replacing chlorine feed tubes, backwashing or cleaning the filter and empty all the baskets of debris.

Once the pool is balanced, and while the filtration system is running, super chlorinate the pool with 3 x the normal daily dose for an average size pool, this is usually 5 lts of liquid chlorine or 500gms of powder chlorine.

After that, its time to Winterise! Again, while the system is running, add the recommended dosage for you pool size of both Winterising chemicals and allow to run for at least 4 hrs to circulate through the system.

From there, you can reduce your filtration run time to 1 hours / day for up to 30,000 lts, 2 hrs / day for up to 50,000 and 3 hrs / for larger pools up to 90,000 lts.

Test your water once a month to ensure the chlorine level is still above 3.0ppm or 1.5ppm for covered pools. Balance you pH monthly and you’re all set to kick back, relax and (almost) forget about your pool for another winter!

More Winter Tips

Additional ways to save money, protect your equipment or keep swimming throughout the cooler months are to..

  1. Invest in a pool cover and roller to reduce evaporation, debris in the pool and to keep it warmer for longer - find out more here

  2. Heat your pool with Solar or a Heat Pump to continue swimming longer - look at your options here

  3. Convert to a Mineral Swim or MagnaPool system to reduce chlorine levels and increase your equipment life - click to read more