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Please note - our service technicians only service pools Monday - Friday.

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New Customers


  • Full Service - $89.00 (per hour) + Chemicals

  • Holiday Service - $59.00 + Chemicals

  • Pool Instructions & Service - $99.00 (per hour)

  • Pool Inspection & Report - $105.00

Service Notes

  • The majority of our services are completed within the 1st hour, unless the pool is particularly dirty.

  • We will always try to use the chemicals you have on hand before using our own.

  • Please notify us of locked gates, How to access your pool, e.g. "enter via left hand side gate",

  • We also need to know if there is a dangerous dog/s on the property.

Equipment Repairs

Quoting repairs sometimes requires your equipment to be disassembled for an accurate assessment.  If you decide not to proceed with repairs, your equipment will not be re-assembled.

*Please be aware – Not proceeding with our recommendations to repair or replace your equipment will incur a quote fee of $59.00. You may also incur the following fees if applicable, our removal fee ($89.00) and a Courier fee ($28.00). The removal fee is charged if we removed your equipment and the courier fee is charged if we send your equipment to a third party repairer.

All repairs we perform have a twelve month warranty on labour and parts repaired or replaced.