10 Design Ideas for your Pool Area

Your Swimming Pool is a big asset to your home. Keeping it clean is one thing, though if it's amazing to look at too, even if you're not using it, it can still bring you enjoyment. Here are a few things you can do that don’t have to cost a fortune to dress up your pool and pool area.

#1 Pool Lights


Updating your pool lights can make a world of difference to your pool and pool area at night.

With LED options that use very little energy and last a lot longer than their halogen counterparts, you can also have it change colour to suit your taste!

Read more about in-pool lighting here

#2 Pool Area Lights


External lighting around your pool can add a magical quality to your pool area. From modern LEDs to a strings of lights, you can choose twinkling LEDs, round bulbs, Edison-style, caged bulbs, or hot pink and green parrot lights.

Whatever style suits your style and budget, this is a great way to accentuate your pool. Simply be stringing some lights and having them draped above your pool area will add ambiance without breaking the bank.

#3 Seating / Dining

pool area seating

pool area seating

Seating will be one of your biggest investments. The type of seating you choose depends on the function you want it to serve.

Dining sets are available in a broad range of prices and styles. Look for durable, lasting materials so this investment piece will stand up to time, sun, and pool water splashes.

Daybeds & Sun lounges are another option that can offer a great space to relax in both Summer and Winter.

#4 Vertical Garden


Adding organic elements to your pool area can give it a natural, tropical getaway quality. If your pool area is close to the house, an interesting way to add plants without breaking the bank or taking up lots of space is with a vertical garden.

You can build one yourself or buy a kit with an assembled planter.

Think about the plants that will survive the slightly harsher conditions with the occasional splash of chlorinated water as well as keeping leaves out of the pool.

#5 Water Features

water features are a great visual and audible addition

water features are a great visual and audible addition

An important element you might overlook in your outdoor space is sound. You don’t want the sounds of the pool pump or local traffic in your perfect pool area. Replace any annoying noises with soft white noise of running water by adding a water feature to your pool.

Waterfalls and fountains can be installed inside the pool or on the edge. Not only are they attractive, water features help turn your outdoor space into a soothing, peaceful environment.

#6 Meditation Spot


With a combination of a few of the above suggestions, you could easily start to picture yourself on a daybed with a small side table next to the vertical garden with a steaming cup of coffee, and a good book.

Pick a corner of your pool area and build yourself a private meditation and relaxation spot.

Even if its just a few outdoor cushions to start, this will soon be one of your favourite places to escape to.

#7 Fire Bowl / Braziers


Winter is still a great time to be out by the pool. A fire pit allows you to spend more time outside, even in the cooler months by adding the light and warmth you can only get from an open flame.

A gas fire bowl with glass rocks or a brazier with wood or coals are a long-lasting way you can enjoy a small fire by your pool. Choose a gas fire bowl for adjustable flames with minimal upkeep.

#8 Decking

pool decking is great for a colour contrast

pool decking is great for a colour contrast

Updating the edge of the pool with some new decking can really bring out the amazing contrast of the cool blue water and rich timber colour.

Keep it low to match up with the pool edge or have a raised patio area with stairs, which ever suits your pool area, it's a great addition to a pool.

Choosing the right timber and a high quality stain and/or waterproofing treatment will make sure your deck lasts for a long time.

#9 Fencing


Lots of new pools these days are being built with glass panel fencing. It allows you to see directly through to the pool, without the unsightly bars.

It's great for safety too, making it super easy to keep your eyes the kids while they swim.

You will be required to get a new fence installed by a qualified professional who will also pass the inspection and accreditation required by council.

#10 Slides & Pool Additions

jr smith pool slide

jr smith pool slide

Jazz up your pool with a cool slide for the kids (and big kids alike). Slides provide an extra level of entertainment that can keep the kids busy for hours. Built with safety and strength in mind, a quality built slide will provide years of enjoyment by the pool.

See the range of JR Smith pool slides

In pool games are great, though you can step up your game from Marco Polo with some quality accessories. Shoot a few hoops from in the pool with a pool side basketball hoop or maybe even stretch a net across the pool and get some friendly (or serious) competition going with a game of volleyball.

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JR Smith in-pool seating

JR Smith in-pool seating

Did you know you can get in-pool loungers and swimming pool table and seating options designed to create spaces for conversation and relaxation.

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Ladders & rails can make accessing your pool so much easier. Most unground pools have stairs already, though younger children and the elderly will love the added accessibility and safety of a hand rail. Similarly, you can easily add a ladder at the opposite end of the pool!

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What design ideas have we missed? Have you updated your pool area to make it perfect for you? Share your photos with us on our Facebook page so others can see what's possible!

If you're thinking about updating your pool area though not sure where to start, come in and see us and we'll be happy to offer some suggestions to get you going. We can even recommend trusted professionals such as builders, fencers and electricians who we've worked with before!