Pool Scale & Stain Reduction

Metals and Calcium in the pool water are invisible to the naked eye, though in high enough quantities, they can form into visible (and unsightly) stains and scaling on the pool walls and floor. Scale can appear in a variety of ways from rough, white deposits forming on the pool surface to salt crystallization forming on the salt cell. The main causes of scale formation are high calcium levels and poor water balance.

There are 4 ways metals and calcium can physically affect your pool.

  • Low Calcium levels in the water will generally try to pull calcium from the surface of your pool to ‘balance’ itself. This usually will accumulate onto the walls of your pool as calcium deposits and can be difficult to remove. - Having a balanced calcium level and a scale inhibitor in the water will stop the scale coming out onto the surface.

  • If there is visible scale on the walls/floor of your pool already, a scale inhibitor will stop more scale from forming and reduce the scale back into solution (back into the pool water).

  • Calcium scale also forms on the salt cell. This reduces the effectiveness of the salt chlorinator to produce chlorine even if you have a ‘self cleaning’ version. By reducing and softening the build up on your cell, this will keep your chlorine production up and increase the life of your cell too.

  • Concentrations of heavy metals such as iron and copper that drop out of solution (mixed with water) cause various coloured, unsightly staining on both the walls and floor of the pool or around the skimmer box, pool returns, and lights. By keeping these metals ‘in solution’ and not allowing them to ‘plate out’ onto the surface will keep your pool surface looking its best!

What we use.

Aquaguard G.S. M - LoChlor Chemicals

Aquaguard G.S. M - LoChlor Chemicals

We stock two scale inhibitor products. Aquaguard from LoChlor Products which is a Cell Protector, Scale Inhibitor & Metal Remover. We use 500ml to 50,000 litres of pool water every 3 months to soften any build up that has formed. This is added to the pool with the pump and filter running so that it can make its way through the filtration system of the pool and distribute evenly to make sure that all surfaces of the pool and equipment are covered.

Aquashield 3 - Focus Pool Products

Aquashield 3 - Focus Pool Products

We also use Aquashield 3. It is made by Focus Products. 1 litre will treat a 50,000 litre pool for 3 months, and also comes in 250ml sachets for preventative regular monthly dosing. This product also assists in removing existing scale from pool walls particularly ceramic aggregate finishes and it also creates superb clarity in the water by ensuring calcium remains in solution. This will also keep build up on salt chlorinators soft and easy to clean.

*Pools using bore or dam water should use a scale inhibitor regularly to ensure that metals remain in solution and don’t stain the surface.

Benefits of Scale and Stain treatments

  1. Prevention of calcium and magnesium build up on pool surface.

  2. Prevention of metals dropping ‘out of solution’.

  3. Assists with keeping calcium build up on the salt cell soft to ensure chlorine production is not inhibited.

  4. Assists in the removal of metal stains.

If you notice any scale or staining forming on your pool surfaces, either of these products could work for you. By bringing in a sample of your pool water along with any photos on your phone for reference, our team can identify the best course of action to help you.

Alternately you can book one of our mobile service technicians below to come to you and assist with your stain and scale issues.

Fun fact - Too much copper usually results in a purple stain
or too much iron can result in grey or rust coloured stains.