Rode Pools have got you covered

Do you have a cover on your pool at the moment?  Whether you do or do not, below is some "Tech Savvy Info" to help you look after one of your most valued assets.  These simple initiatives will save money... FACT.

Using a pool cover during winter is smart but you will need to regularly check on the water clarity and chlorine level.

Pool covers trap chlorine in the water and a result of this, if not properly managed, is excessive chlorine levels. If chlorine levels climb too high, water is considered corrosive.  This highly corrosive water will detrimentally effect everything it comes in contact with (pool surface, cleaners, pool covers etc).  

Chlorine Remover will remove chlorine within a couple of hours thus eliminating the harmful effects of excessive chlorine levels rapidly.  Turning off automatic chlorine production and removing the pool cover for weeks is a slow alternative.   

Regularly check your pool.  If you are using a pool cover, partially remove the cover to check debris that maybe building up on the pool floor.  Pool covers will not prevent all debris from entering your pool. Debris left in pool water for prolonged periods of time will encourage phosphates to enter the water and increase the potential for algae to bloom. Organic staining from debris can also potentially occur.

Transitioning to a Mineral Swim or MagnaPool system that uses Magnesium and Ozone to keep the pool sanitised with a very low chlorine level could be an option to ease the pressures of having to continually check your pool through the cooler months. Use the links above to find out more or contact your nearest store for more information.

Regardless if your pool is covered or uncovered, the pool water still requires some TLC. 

Pool covers are great economic and green option for all pool owners. They pretty much eliminate the issues associated with evaporation. Increased wind and lower levels of rain will see the pool level drop, it is very important to keep the water level at least half way up the skimmer box opening. 

Pool covers will halve your heating costs... FACT.

Now is the time to start the conversation with our staff about heating your swimming pool.  Add value to your swimming life and your property, heat the pool.

Read more about heating options and different covers and rollers that could suit your pool and then contact us on 1300 007 665

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