Get your pool ready for Winter

It's time... Winterise your pool and save on chemicals, running costs and maintenance. Although, it's not as simple as just putting on the cover and forgetting about it! To avoid additional costs and time consuming work when summer comes around again, here's a few tips to help you out before you fully winterise your pool.



Remove all the leaves, sticks and debris out of the pool. These can stain your pool if they sit on the bottom for a long time. Clean out both the skimmer basket and anything caught in the pump basket.


Most filters these days are media filters (sand filters), so a backwash is usually sufficient, though we always suggest using a filter degreaser to really get in there and remove the sunscreen residue, body oils and other undesirables trapped in your filter from summer. Cartridge and D.E filters can also get this treatment or just a good hose down.


Bring a sample into your nearest Rode Pools Store for analysis. We will make sure that your water is balanced and all levels are within their optimum ranges. pH effects the effectiveness of your chlorine, Alkalinity affects the stability of your pH, Stabiliser reduces the degeneration of chlorine from sunlight, so you can understand why its important each level is where it should be as it can easily effect something else.

When your salt level is at the right level for your chlorinator, it will generate chlorine for you at its most efficient rate, extending the life of your cell.


A clean and well maintained pump will save you money. If it's noisey or leaking over the winter months, it can cost you more than just some repairs.

Check the salt chlorinator cell for calcium build up and clean if necessary using a 10:1 dilution of water:hydrochloric acid and remove excess with a stick or similar (do not use anything metal as you'll remove the coating of the cell)


As the temperatures are now consistently lower, Winterise your pool now and the long term algaecides will last all the way through to Summer. There are a bunch of 'Winterisers' out in the market, though we've been doing this for 30 years, and know what works the best. We have a tried and tested process to ensure your pool comes out the other side looking great.

Bring a water sample in-store and get your FREE Winterise your pool Factsheet to ensure your pool is Winteised correctly


You can book ahead to have one of our experienced service technicians winterise your pool. Click below to request your service!