5 Benefits Of A Robotic Pool Cleaner

Aside from being the latest technology, Robotic pool cleaners are designed to clean the pool better and be more efficient than traditional suction and pressure side pool cleaners.

  1. They clean your pool faster and better than any suction cleaner can. With onboard computer systems that map your pool and ensure complete coverage, having their own filtration components to filter your water even further, Plus a number of different programming options that allow you to set when and how the cleaner comes on and off.

  2. They run independently of your pool pump and filtration system. You can clean your pool at anytime in complete silence… Have an early morning birthday party?.. no problem, set your cleaner to start at 4am and by the time you wake up, your pool will be completely clean, just pull out the cleaner and you’re done!

  3. Reduced running costs. A suction cleaner will take approx. 6 hours to cover your whole pool. This means your pool pump has to be on for this entire time. A Robotic cleaner runs off your house hold electricity by simply plugging into a power outlet, it costs approx. 10 - 15 cents / hour to run and will clean a average size pool in that time.

  4. They’re super simple to use. Plug it in, drop it in the pool & turn it on. Once it’s finished, pull it out of the pool, empty a simple filter, hose it off and pack it away.

  5. They’re designed to be removed easily once the cleaning operation has finished. Leaving your pool completely clean without long hoses running across your pool and allowing you to enjoy swimming or with an uninterrupted view of your pool.

An example of robotic cleaners below are the Maytronics S300i & Zodiac VX55 4wd


So why is a robotic pool cleaner a better option than just sticking to the traditional suction or pressure automatic pool cleaners?

To put it simply, robotic pool cleaners are by the best pool cleaner you can buy. Think of them as the Tesla electric car for your pool. They clean the pool better, are easier to use, and are more efficient saving on energy and chemical costs. Robotic pool cleaners take the cleaning of pools to a whole new level. With minimal effort needed on your part, these little machines make the work of maintaining your pool that much easier.