Water Safety: Part 1 - Pool Safety

Having a pool is a great way to cool off, keep the kids entertained and keep fit. We've taken some tips from the Royal Lifesaving Society to make sure your pool is safe, so you, your family and friends can continue to enjoy it. 


The checklist features 8 sections; the swimming pool gate, swimming pool fence, around the swimming pool fence, supervision, pump, grates and suction, emergency preparation, chemicals, electricity. 

Rode Pools and Royal Life Saving encourage all pool owners to make this weekend your home pool safety weekend and download & print a full copy of the home pool safety checklist today.

Disclaimer: This checklist does not substitute for a pool inspection and is for educational purposes only. Pool owners should consider getting a professional assessment of their pool’s compliance.

Swimming pool gate

  • Must open outward from pool

  • Must be self closing and self latching

  • Latch must be more than 1.5m from the ground

  • Must latch shut on the first swing

Swimming pool fence

  • Secure and in good working order

  • No more than 100mm from the ground

  • Should be at least 1.2m high

  • No vertical gaps more than 100mm apart

Around the swimming pool fence

  • Pool aids and toys should be stored securely and out of view

  • Objects that could be used to climb the fence should be removed from the area


  • Adult supervision in combination with pool fencing is the most effective method of preventing your child from drowning

Pump, Grates and Suction

  • Ensure that no fitting is broken or missing

Emergency preparation

  • Up-to-date CPR and first aid skills - call royal life saving today to book a course on 1300 737 763

  • Resuscitation sign prominent in pool area - Contact us on 1300 007 665 or come in-store to get your latest CPR sign


  • Should be stored securely, out of view and out of children’s reach


  • Electricity and water do not mix.

  • A residual current device (rcd) or residual current circuit breaker (rccb) can save lives

For more information, suggestions, tips or to arrange a certified pool inspection, come into any one of our stores, call us on 1300 007 665 or email us to

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