Pool Maintenance

Maintenance of your pool equipment is important year round, here are some tips and things to check so your pool is ready to go when you are! 

Cleaning Equipment

Check your leaf rake nets for splits and tears, these can be replaced separately either in-store or at home with just a screwdriver (and a lot of patience). Cracks in the frame of leaf rakes and brushes happen when the residual chlorinated water remains on them as well as damage from the suns UV rays. 

Pool Pump

Check for any signs of leakage, most commonly found underneath where the 'wet end' meets the motor. There is a mechanical seal that that separates the two, that can begin to leak and become noisey with age. If you find a leak, the seal needs to be replaced, contact us using to arrange a repair.

Also check the pump basket for cracks as this can allow fine debris into the impellor, restricting or even stopping the flow of water.


Filters can be cleaned and degreased, Media filters like sand & Zelbrite benefit greatly from this as not everything is expelled with a backwash. Cartridge and DE filters require a good hose and can also be degreased to maintain their efficiency and make them last longer. 

Check the Multiport Valve for leaks, you will usually find water coming up through the handle area as well as from around the collar. The tank of the filter can fatigue over time from being under constant high pressures, be sure to cast your eye over the whole thing including the pressure gauge for correct pressure readings e.g. When the pump is off, it sits at 0 and when on, it is operating in the normal range.

Salt Chlorinator

A good clean of the cell is important, even if it is 'Self Cleaning'. This will remove the excess Calcium buildup that can attach itself to the sensor and give you false readings. Simply mix a vey dilute acid:water mix of 1:10 in a bucket and put the cell into the mix, ensure that the acid/water solution only touches the plates and not over the cap onto the leads.

Check the connections on the cap to ensure there are no exposed wires and aren't stripped or damaged.

Water Balance

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This is only a guide for what we suggest to check. If you are unfamiliar with your equipment and/or its operation, please contact us. We can either help you learn more or come and check your equipment for you. More damage can be done by removing or uninstalling any parts of the filtration system and void any warranties you may have.