The Benefits of Pool Covers (and Rollers)


Pool covers are a great addition to most pools as there are a number of things they help with. Keeping dirt and debris out of the pool, keeping the water in the pool by preventing evaporation and retaining heat to extend the swimming season.

Evaporation - An average heated 8 x 4m pool will lose almost 45,000 litres of water each year and up to 80,000 litres of water each year if it’s heated all year round.

The main factors that affect evaporation rates from domestic outdoor pools are:

  1. Pool surface area - The bigger the pool, the more surface area, therefore, a greater evaporation volume.

  2. The temperature of the water and air - The highest evaporation rates occur when the differences between water and air temperatures are the greatest. This may not be in the middle of a hot day when the pool is in use. At this point the water and air temperatures may be quite close. Later at night the pool water may remain warm, but the air temperature has fallen substantially - that means a greater temperature difference between the air and water - and greater evaporation.

  3. Humidity - The drier the air is, the greater the evaporation rate. In very humid conditions less evaporation occurs.

  4. Wind - The final and very significant factor for home pools is wind. A breeze of just a gentle 11 kilometres per hour can more than double the evaporation rate by removing the insulating layer of warm, moist air directly above the pool surface.


Brisbane Annual Evaporation = 1,500 mm / year
Water Loss 40sq/m Pool = 60,000 Litres*

So, how often do you top up your pool in summer?

Do you know how much water flows from your backyard hose per minute?
Of course it will vary with local water pressure, but according to the NSW Government, it is approx. 17 litres per minute.

With this in mind, as an example, an average pool in summer may take topping up for 10 minutes a day, every second day. This would use: 17 litres x 10 minutes x 15 days = 2,550 litres a month! And that’s a conservative estimate.

How much will a pool cover save me?

A Daisy pool blanket will almost completely stop evaporation - yet, when it does rain, all the water that does fall can still go into the pool, effectively ‘topping it up’.

If a pool cover is used diligently it will save up to 95% of your water evaporation

Brisbane Savings = 1425 mm / year
Water Saving 40sq/m Pool = 57,000 Litres



Daisy 525TB Titanium Blue Pool Cover

Daisy 525TB Cover

Daisy 525TB Cover

"Bubble" covers, as they're commonly referred to, are ideal for non-heated pools or solar heated pools. 

Series 525 UltraDome+ Titanium Blue pool covers are the premium choice for maximum heat, retention and durability. Replacing the Series 8 (500um), Series 525 is 5% thicker at 525um and comes in a variety of stylish titanium colours to match pool landscapes and garden settings. Modern and sophisticated, these covers complement contemporary pool landscapes.


UltraDome+ solar pool covers not only utilise the most advanced UltraDome™ bubble technology, they have been designed to let the maximum amount of the sun’s energy through and less out.

Its unique clear top layer lets through all the sun’s energy while its specially formulated translucent bottom layer allows maximum heat retention, warming the water and fully insulating the pool.

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Sunbather Thermal Covers

Sunbather Thermal Pool Cover

Sunbather Thermal Pool Cover

Much thicker and more insulating, these covers are ideal for pools that are heated with a heat pump.

  • A Thermal Blanket is expected to last 3 times longer than a bubble cover, without the need to cover when not on the water to retain your warranty.

  • A Thermal Blanket is better suited to strong UV than bubble covers, as the sun doesn’t destroy it when not covered while off the pool.

  • Algae is a plant and requires sunlight to grow. A Thermal Blanket is the only cover which blocks out the sunlight, keeping algae at bay, hence reducing your chemical usage.

  • A pool can lose up to 10 degrees overnight if uncovered. Thermal Blankets have twice the insulating properties of bubble covers and save you $ in heating costs.

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Sunbather's Thermal Pool Blanket has met the stringent requirements of SPASA Australia’s Climate Care Certified program as well as being certified by Smart Approved Watermark.

It’s made from high quality multi-layered, foam-based material, which is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use pools. It reduces water evaporation by up to 90% and is long lasting and will not breakdown overtime. A thermal cover will also keep your pool cleaner as debris and sunlight are kept out of the pool, this in turn reduces chemical consumption and aids in the prevention of algae and comes with a five-year warranty!

What is SPASA Climate Care Certification?

Climate Care Certified Logo.png

The Climate Care Certification Program is an initiative of the Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Australia Ltd (SPASA). It is the industry’s efficiency and sustainability certification program.

All Climate Care Certified products undergo independent third-party testing and/or verification to assess and report on claims being made such as water efficiency and energy savings.

Only credible and trusted local, national and international testing and verification bodies are considered by SPASA to ensure that claims being made on energy and water efficiency and sustainability are substantiated.

Climate Care Certifications Benefits

  • Consumers purchase with confidence knowing that they are choosing a certified environmentally sustainable solution

  • Enjoy the benefits of choosing a solution which utilises water efficiency, energy efficiency, noise reduction measures, environmentally sustainable designs or efficiency/sustainability innovations

  • Reduce your overall carbon footprint whilst saving money


When most people think of pool cover rollers, they think of static, bulky, weathered, chalky and cracked plastic. Things have come a long way and now there are a range of light weight, mobile, powered, modern looking pool cover rollers that are functional, stylish and come with 8-10 year warranties.

Sunbather Rollers.

Downunder hidden pool cover roller

Downunder hidden pool cover roller

The Downunder roller hides the roller mechanism in a cavity at one end of the pool covered by a lid when it’s not in use. It is operated from a standing position and the lid closes flush with the pool deck when the cover is fully retracted and also when it’s fully extended out over the pool.

MULTIPRO ROLLER (entry level / smaller pools)
The Multipro Roller is an entry-level roller suitable for average sized swimming pools (<45m²). It features wide, stable, power-coated aluminium end-frames with two large hand-wheels and a telescopic roller shaft for easy installation.
Easy to freight and assemble for the DIY installer.

The new Platinum Roller is Sunbathers most popular. Made from 316 Stainless, it has multidirectional castors and drop pins to secure the roller when in use. The 114mm diameter shaft is built for strength & durability and is suitable for pools up to 60sqm.

The Daisy “Under Bench” Roller

The Under Bench Roller combines practicality with style to transform your pool roller into useful seating. Simple yet stylish, it is not just a roller but a useful poolside addition to compliment contemporary pool settings.

Available in four modern colours, the aluminium, charcoal or wood-look finishes will look great in any Aussie backyard.


  • Full aluminium frame and seating with stainless steel hardware

  • Seating planks with a choice of Anodised Aluminium, Charcoal Shimmer or wood look powder coated aluminium in Light Oak or Western Red Cedar

  • Pool cover attachment kit

  • 10 year pro rata warranty.**

  • Available in Four Stylish Colours

  • Want power? All models can be fitted with a solar powered battery option.

*PLEASE NOTE: All figures quoted refer to typical UNHEATED pools. If your pool is heated, and depending when and to what temperature, the evaporation rates could well be significantly higher.
**Scratches and chips not covered