Does a Fresh Water Pool mean chemical free swimming?

written in conjunction with Naked Pools

Is there such thing as a chlorine free or even chemical free pool? The short answer for all us that already have pools is no. Existing pools need some level of sanitisation to remain in the water at all times to prevent algae and bacteria growth. Most residential swimming pools use either chlorine (granular, tablets or liquid) or salt/mineral water chlorinators to produce chlorine.

As our industry diversifies and invests more in research and development, more environmentally and healthy products are now available for pool owners to enjoy. One such product is the Australian owned and manufactured Naked NKD1 Ioniser System.

What is an Ioniser you ask? This clever product combines the minimal sanitation requirement of chlorine with bacteria fighting copper and the water purification of silver. This eliminates the need for additional chemicals such as stabilizer (Cyanuric acid), chlorine free oxidisers and copper based algaecides. With all other chemical requirements being reduced too, in fact, the only product that you need to add to your pool, between instore water analysis, is Hydrochloric acid.

The innovation that a Naked Hybrid System provides eliminates user error. The units working parameters are directly related to the volume of water your pool holds, so upon installation, the volume of your pool is entered and the manufacturers guarantee that this unit will never over infuse copper into your pool.

The Ancient Greeks found that water kept in silver containers mysteriously purified, and algae didn’t grow in copper water pots. In the late 19th Century, water that was passed through various porous materials impregnated with silver which created positive ions and therefore purifying it. The Naked hybrid swimming pool system utilises a similar concept by releasing silver and copper.

Benefits of a Naked Pool System

Great for Eczema, Psoriasis & asthma sufferers

The extremely low chemical levels combined with elements the Naked Pools introduces, your pool water will feel softer, be non-irritating and have no chemical odour with clients likening the water quality to that of a fresh water stream.

Taking into account one in three Australians have some kind of skin condition such as eczema, dermatitis or suffer from asthma, freshwater systems like Naked Pools, are becoming increasingly more popular.

These systems can also save up to 60% on running costs by being customised to the needs of your swimming pool by reducing the running time and therefore power consumption.

The water has minimal salinity and much less chemicals so the backwash water is no longer bad for the environment and could be recycled on your lawn and gardens.

The water will have less detrimental effect on the pool surfaces and equipment as the water has very minimal corrosive and oxidising chemicals present, reducing the money spent on repairs and replacements over the life of your pool.

So what is The Naked Hybrid System?

The Naked Hybrid System

It is an Ioniser, infusing the pool water with copper and silver to purify with water and eliminate bacteria.

The Naked Hybrid System is made up of a Digital Control Unit which supplies and manages current to the electrode assembly (OXI & ION Cell). Electrolysis passes through the Copper and Silver anodes, releasing the ions into the water. The Silver disinfects the water, controlling any bacteria and the Copper prevents algae growth. The digital unit regulates the required amount of Copper and Silver so as to prevent over-dosing of the pool which can cause staining of the pool surface.

In addition, oxidisation is used as water passes over the Titanium plates, producing a small almost untraceable amount of chlorine, ensuring organic matter and other contaminates are eliminated from the water.

The Naked Pool system will work with any type of new pool and can be retrofitted to existing pools and spas.

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