About Sanitisers (Chlorine)

Bacteria can grow in any untreated body of water. Swimmers are the primary source of contamiates along with "top-up" water, leaves, grass, dust and pets. (A large dog can contribute twenty times more contaminates than a human!!)

Having a sanitiser in the pool water, at recommended levels, will eliminate most of the bacteria in the water. The neutralised bacteria is then filtered out and any residual sanitiser left in the pool water will prevent any new bacteria growth.

The recommended Chlorine level in a standard outdoor pool is between 2.5 - 3.0ppm (parts per million).

Heated pools and spas require a higher level of sanitiser than non-heated pools because sanitisers are consumed more quickly in hot water.

Chlorine - Each form of chlorine and its production has its own individual features and benefits.

Liquid/Granular Chlorine

Chlorine is most commonly available as a liquid. Liquid chlorine is the most economical and can be dosed automatically, however the storage containers are bulky and liquid chlorine has a limited shelf life due to loss of strength over time from heat and sunlight.

Granular and tablet forms of chorine can be stabilised or unstabilised. Granular chlorine is convenient as it is more concentrate and easier to store but is more costly and cannot be dosed using an automatic feeder.

Automatic Chlorinators

Chlorine can also be generated by salt/mineral-water chlorinators. Chlorinators use electrolysis of salt or mineral water to produce chlorine, which sanitises the pool.

Very Low Chlorine Systems


For people who have an intolerance to chlorine, or who live with conditions such as asthma or eczema, there are sanitising systems which produce only a very small amount of chlorine.

Ioniser or Ozone systems produce a much lower level of chlorine as a primary sanitiser, as they also use either an Ionising Rods or Ozone generators to produce a secondary sanitiser. This creates a "fresher" or more natural feeling water.

Learn more about these very low chlorine system options and contact us to find out which is right for your pool! Mineral Swim system from Maytronics or Magnapool by Zodiac and Naked Pools Fresh Water System

Common Misconceptions - Chlorine Odour

A strong chlorine smell doesn’t always mean too much chlorine, it could mean too little. The odour is produced by chloramines and these can also cause sore eyes and itchy skin. To remove chloramines, it can be a simple as super chlorination or use of a non-chlorine Oxidiser like Oxyshock, however it’s always best to have your water tested first, come in and see one of our staff with a water sample.