Saving Power is Saving Money

No matter what time of year, saving money where you can is always a smart move. Luckily, saving money on your pool running costs is easier than you may realise! Here are two ways that you can reduce the amount of power you use to run your pool:

Here are 2 ways that you can reduce the amount of power you use to run your pool…

#1. Reduce the filtration time (how long the pump runs each day) of the pool during the cooler months although this can have a negative effect on your water quality and balance UNLESS you have Winterised.

By using a Energy efficient pool pump, like the Noria ECO Pump, Davey Power Master Eco or Hayward Tri Star VSP, throughout the year, this will significantly decrease the amount of power used to move the water around your pool and keep the water clear. This is due to their highly efficient variable speed motors compared to the standard ingle speed motors. 

#2. Suction Cleaners require the filter pump to be running to clean the pool. In the average pool, it will take approximately 4-6 hours for a suction cleaner to cover a 40 000 ltr pool.

If you wish to save more money by reducing your running time, then a Robotic cleaner, like the Maytronics S300i, Zodiac VX55 or SX3 Robotic Cleaner provide the most energy efficient solution. These cleaners can clean your pool independently of the filtration system, costing as little as $0.06 per hour to run!